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I began my work at URB-E with two goals: give them a killer new website and update their brand identity (Previous web design here). Ease of use and good design were core selling points of the product, so I made sure these were reflected in the UX. I worked closely with the Directors of Sales and Marketing to design a site and created content that optimized their e-commerce, engaged and educated customers, and showed off a cohesive, elevated brand.

URB-E Brand Update
URB-E Brand Update

The hardest web design challenge was educating users on a unique product without resorting to a laundry list of features. Interaction became imperative. I animated the vehicles on the home page to unfold as they come into view, and hover-activated toggles and diagrams on product pages let people learn based on their curiosity.

URB-E had a great library of testimonials and maintenance tutorials, so I consolidated them into video portals easily accessible on their website. I directed and edited new lifestyle videos (cinematography by Tam Lam) to round out the messaging.

URB-E Brand Update
URB-E Brand Update

Plan for the 2018 LA Auto Show above. I repurposed company materials for a space that could be reimagined for future events with graphics that could easily be swapped out. My goal was to create an inviting, open space that facilitated conversation with brand reps. I used Rhino and Keyshot for the render.

Below are digital ad campaigns I came up with for URB-E's e-commence. They were used across Facebook and Google for both prospecting and retargeting. My ads doubled URB-E's clickthrough rates and reduced their cost per click by a third.