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Digital UI

A colleague came to me with a problem - whenever she traveled there was no easy way to find quality local designers. Her options were to network beforehand for reliable personal tips or find herself funneled into tourist shopping traps.

She asked for my help designing the solution - a new platform to connect people to curated local designers, in cities across the globe. Locally-made fashion in Marrakesh? Here's where to go. Cool handmade accessories in Tel Aviv? We've got you. Instead of e-commerce, this would be a link between discerning shopper and small boutique, helping each find the other.

The concept included a mapping feature (above) based on users' chosen stores. Restaurant and gallery recommendations would provide a revenue channel and fill out the experience, like a reliable friend planning out your day.

The brands LRNCEBOHÈME, and Bird Brooklyn provided our brand roadmap. I wanted the UI to uphold a certain tone even as the content changed per user. My goal was to make it fun, modern, simple and chic.

The name YOKO has come to convey how true influence and beauty, even when overlooked in favor of what's common, becomes the most rewarding thing to find. It translates to "child of the ocean" or "child of the sun." The idea of being a child of something - the world, maybe a city - seemed to fit.